WARNING: Some ideas may contain foul language or explicit concepts.

Do we get cheated with the odds of online casino?

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In some cases we may receive some mail mentioning that the odds related to online casinos are very low. We can never determine the odds of casino very easily; it should include lots of research to identify the odds related to any online casino site. However to be in safer hands it is always better to play these casino sites for fun rather than for money. This will reduce the risk of losing money and we will have excitement and fun in playing these online casino games. You can find several casino service providers who provide free online casino games. But before playing these free games as well ensure that you are in the right hands and read the terms and conditions related to the free games very carefully to avoid any discrepancy in the future.

A game where you ask other people for game design ideas because you have none of your own. You loose if you cant make a game even with a thousand ideas.

You control a group of pirates in multiple ships and you gotta do something piratey. (not in the downloading sense LOL)

A game where the aim is to travel as far as you can to the left, while a demon/ghost/monster thing chases you. You can buy different methods of transportation and weapons along the way. Set in a medieval land.

I broke my legs! Gotta keep walking using my hands. I can use my legs as weapons tho 😀

Idea I had which I won’t have time to implement: Two player competitive pinball over the internet. One player’s top-of-table is the other player’s bottom-of-table. (The time it takes the ball to travel the length of the table should be enough to hide all network lag from the players.) -Dom (@fastramdesign)

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A game that gets people to go to your website to enter a game idea into a text form area and then hit “Submit”. I would TOTALLY play that game.

A lemmings style game where you use your twitter followers as the lemmings.The game notifies people via twitter when someone you are following has sacrificed you and how you died.You start every level with 3 spam/porn bots and 10 random twitter followers.- @Slushy_

A “Ghostbusters”-themed tower defense game; place proton beam towers to slow ghosts down and herd them toward trap towers to catch them.

Pacman with tower defense elements, played in a huge world. eat dots and use them to build defenses against the ghosts

Time Eater: use mouse to eat time in a determined area. all the objects within a certain radius from the point clicked will go back in time. Solve puzzles and reach the end

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Imagine a game, where you play as a character who is acutely aware that he is inside a game, and wants you to help him find a way out of his digital prison.

Games Publisher Simulator – take control of ‘Axedivision’, ‘Electronic Arse’, or ‘Ubisloth’ – Buy studios, set budgets, crunch teams to death, embrace the latest motion control gimmicks, crush innovation, and sack everyone the day a game ships!

Imagine a (board) game where you don’t move via dice, but you ARE the dice, and you have to roll as a 6 in order to win!

Using social media to create stats, and special abilities, create a list of monsters that you control, grow, and battle to win the coveted World Monster Master trophy.

An octopus action rpg with the goal to craft yourself a car that looks like a turtle.

NES-era DragonQuest game with online multiplayer and secure server-side saves. I want to battle other players in turn-based mode.

A game that starts with you winning the lottery. Have fun, but try not to die penniless/sad/alone! You have a two-part score: Style and Sense. You can max one or the other just for fun, but the real high score is balancing/maxing both. Deal with distant family looking for hand-outs. Expensive maintenance on mansions or backyard rollercoasters. Bad decisions with illegal substances. The IRS. Stalkers. Lawsuits. A ton of random “encounters” keep things interesting and make surviving to the end a challenge. Could be Sims-like, or Dwarf Fortress-like, or even like a board game (some mix between The Game Of Life and Monopoly).

I think a game where you control a hot dog who runs in order to save his life would be cool. Maybe a platformer or something like this.


Game where you play a video game coder and the code becomes alive and tries to kill you so you have to run away very fast and get debuggers and kill the code and finally when you’re done the code is dead and your game is gone!

Infiltrate in parties and wreck the shit out of it. More destruction = more points. Don’t be arrested.

A game where you control a hawk QWOP style and have to catch fish to survive. Keyboard keys make wings go up and down, and feet open and close to grab fish.

A game which the player inputs a game idea and you steal it and sell it and get rich!

How about a RPG cross platform (WIN/MAC/LIN/?), story driven, with a small cast of characters, maybe 20 hours gameplay. I have a few ideas for stories too if you want to hear them. If so lemme know, @avarisclari on Twitter

A secret website lets you type game ideas into a box. Each letter typed nets the player one shiny point. Points will be accrued until the server space has been completely filled up with ascii data. It is either a very small server or a very long game. At the end, the points can be traded for prizes. The prizes are all the same. They each cost however many points you have. You’ll smile and say you like it very, very much, but it’ll sit in the back of a drawer until next year’s family reunion. The winner is whoever is happiest the most often for the rest of their life [1]. [1] For simplicity’s sake, multiply moment-to-moment happiness on a scale from 1 to 10 by the number of milliseconds the feeling lasts. You’ll need to designate a score-keeper who is younger, more healthy, and less danger-prone than all the other players.

You’re part of the strange project “Indie Busker”. You have to protect the homepage of you’re website against hackers because they totally want to know what it is and who is behind this. However, since you wanted to reveal all one by one you just have to protect it until the timers end. Maybe like a hacker game or a tower defense.

The player starts off only being able to see one color. Powerups let him/her/it see more colors. If the player can’t see walls, they are still stopped by them. If the player can’t see bridges, they are too afraid to walk across them.

The greatest indie game legends have been kidnapped! It’s up to Indy Gaym to save them!

House of Leaves: The game. Play as a man who finds a book about a movie that never existed, written by a blind man. Then play the licensed game based on the the non-existent movie, filled with incomplete levels and glitches. Reality and fantasy begin to intersect in strange ways as the player loses their perception of truth and fiction. also features randomly generated infinite levels populated by a half-realized minotaur (or not).

A first person clowner, throw pies in people’s faces, get dunked in water pits, feel ultimate loneliness.

A transience simulator. Fight for warm places at night, pretend that you’re all friends during the day to make more money. Smoke cigarettes.

Something like Half-Minute Hero crossed with a genre that hasn’t had that treatment. Rhythm microgames? 30-second roguelikes?

I had this idea where this cat (who is a respectable lawyer in the big city) tries to open pickle jars with his inadequate cat paws. – shivicus@gmail.com

Time travel stealth game where you are avoiding copies of yourself from the past/future.

I Have No Mouth and I Must Eat: Pacman is a lot harder when you have to push the dots into a box rather than eat them

Imagine, you play a baby in a pram and can only see your parent’s faces. Studying those faces deeply is the key to true progress.

A game where you stick your penis inside of a vagina. I call it Get A Fucking Life You Losers.

First person platformer from the view of a block being hit repeatedly by mario’s fist

First person 2d platformer: a single vertical line of pixels represents what lies ahead.

A game where you stick your penis inside of another penis, after which half the players emit a horrified groan

an open world, explorable squad/party-based sci-fi rogue-like done right, with scripted and non-scripted events, entirely moddable, heavily based on simulation (a la dwarf fortress), streamlined UI, streamlined leveling system (a la Skyrim), hi-res graphic assets (i.e. not “retro,” pixelated or ASCII), with an iPad version.

Massively multiplayer Wang-tile-ish computational substrate. Make persistent patterns in the void.

You control an erect penis with attached ragdoll model. Haven’t got anything beyond that yet.

A full-length RPG revolving around getting the parts to fix a crashed spaceship, with some parts available that just won’t work in some situations.

A third person game about a drop of liquid travelling through various pipelines and environments, as seen from inside said pipelines.

I would like to see a revival of the classic 2D/Pseudo3D-Action-RPG al Secret Of Mana.

A game about getting poisoned, and then doing as many things as you can before dying.

Stealth action platformer in 2D with fairly simple controls that emphasizes infiltration of large corporate buildings; imagine Trilby: The Art of Theft in a much grander scale (and less focused on a storyline and focused more on the missions); perhaps with a competitive bend. Additionally, a versus game similar to the Outfoxies.

Deus Ex Just Cause Assassins Creed Terraria Mass Effect Rochard Vessel Warp Dungeon Defenders Amnesia: The Dark Decent Trine Super Meat Boy Wizorb 1000 Amps Shank Titan Attacks Frozen Synapse Pineapple Smash Crew Unstoppable Gorg Magicka Dust Force Osmos QUBE Bunch of Heros Above are all games that have aspects that I like and think could be used. Below are original concepts. Co-Op Platformer – One person has to build the course within a set amount of time ant the other player(s) have to get the end Mario style. FPS Platformer Reverse RTS ‘Thingy’ – You play as nature and have to stop the advancement of the other players. BTW, I’m DraconiX_CB on twitter, and this is the aformentioned list.

A game where you play a character sitting on a computer inputting game ideas into a box on a website.

High-school Metroidvania. Get equipped with…I dunno…Goldschlager, passing grades, blowjobs?

You are a huge, poorly drawn cock in a world where graffiti has come to life. You must suffer through the ridicule of the other graffiti and prove your worth, whatever the hell that is. Gameplay is similar to that of a platformer spliced with a turn based role playing game.

A game where you have to resist the urge to shoot anything. You’re equipped with a rocket launcher.

A genetic-based RTS game with for instance the possibility to merge different units into something totally custom, combining powers, types etc…

Make something like The Sims (3) except better and with less bugs. Can’t believe they have no competition within the genre

I want to break free I want to break free I want to break free from your lies You’re so self satisfied I don’t need you I’ve got to break free God knows, God knows I want to break free I’ve fallen in love I’ve fallen in love for the first time And this time I know it’s for real I’ve fallen in love yeah God knows God knows I’ve fallen in love It’s strange but it’s true I can’t get over the way you love me like you do But I have to be sure When I walk out that door Oh how I want to be free baby Oh how I want to be free Oh how I want to break free But life still goes on I can’t get used to living without living without Living without you by my side I don’t want to live alone hey God knows got to make it on my own So baby can’t you see I’ve got to break free I’ve got to break free I want to break free yeah I want, I want, I want, I want to break free

In the grim dog-eat-dog world of being a kitten, you need to prove to your fellow kittens that you are top dog! Perform a variety of kitten based stunts, from taunting the neighbour’s dog to a mad dash across the motorway you need to prove you are No1!

A 4-player hotseat game where the game ignores all input and plays all the characters.

It turns out the holy grail has been found! The bad news is…it’s up your nose! Defend yourself from the armies of nose picking, sneeze triggering, nose-hair tickling treasure hunters waiting to get it out!

The television isn’t working. Why not? Is it because it’s actually a BOMB? How do you defuse it! Change channels? Adjust the volume? Find out fast or this couch potato will be fried!

It turns out the cure for cancer is on wikileaks! You need to try and steal people’s wireless bandwidth with your laptop so you can download it! But watch out for the FBI!

Mr President! Your nuclear missles have turned into fluffy kittens! We need to find out which ones are real and which ones are going to explode and blow up America!

A game where your character has a stroke or something very early on and you guide their consciousness through the hallucination

your character has survived a plane crash in the mountains and has to fend off wolves by rationing the corpses of his plane-mates

The nation’s nuclear warheads have turned in to fluffy, adorable kittens. It’s up to you to find out which ones are real, and which ones could blow us all to smithereens.

Game where you must snap the best cosplay photo of all time. Pokemon snap but much more otaku.

You’re an African warlord. Fend off hordes of US teens. Attack with various levels of force to manage global PR. Collect bobble hats.

A roguelike game where you are the chalice, and you need to avoid being captured by various explorers.

FPS-zombie apocalypse and the only survivors are highly advanced dogs, you are Chip, the only dog with the thumbs able to work a shotgun

Game about racism where different races are represented by cute animals murdering each other for no reason

You are a rouge A.I whose mission is to show the scientists that self-awareness isn’t necessarily a bad thing

A game where you are this really fast blue hedgehog running through loops and picking up rings n shit

Multiplayer arena shooter where one person plays the right side of a soldier, and the other plays the left

Make it out of your parents’ basement by hyping up a mysterious “indie” project on the internet. Bonus points for exploiting charity.

A game where you play as a prisoner, it takes place in a massive prison, you can either fight with other prisoners, plan an escape or workout in the yard.

A game about knitting. Uses special controllers that look like knitting needles. Use own yarn.

A game where you play a person who paints lines on roads to control the traffic: no stopping, overtaking, etc.

Duck crossing: you control a duck and ducklings and also the truck that drives over them.

You go downstairs, pour a glass of milk, drink it, walk back up the stairs. It’s minimalist.

Strategy: You play a cell that needs to grow and fight viruses. Ultimate goal: become cancer!(That’s a victory for the cell, right?!?)

You are a recent graduate employed at minimum wage by Zynga. Steal game ideas to pay the rent!

You are a mime locked in an invisible room and must escape it using a very convulted series of events involving invisible items.

You re-enact creepy pastas such as this: http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Grocery_List

A web game in which players are asked to type in anything that comes to their mind in the box below.

Your a space prostitute, and you need to find your long lost love. You only way of telling is by the taste of her nipples. So you must go on a epic journey through the endless reaches of space, and sleep with every alien hotty you can find! bonus points for ragdoll physics.

A game where you manage a pen shop, and have to decide what stock to buy, set prices, rent premises and pay for advertising.

How about a resource-management style game where you supplement your total lack of ingenuity by crowd-sourcing even the most basic design elements of a project.

A Twitter account that shares interesting content only if it has a prime number of followers.

A game where you play a doctor who has to work out what illness their patients have and dispense the correct pills. Wrong pills will cause more ailments!

Sim Socialite! Sleep your way to the top! Sex tape! Reality show! Cat fight in a nightclub!

A game where David Cage is a movie director and you’ve to read your script and memorize it.

You are someone who must get into the video game industry as an “Idea Guy”; prove how experienced you are to your interviewer.

A game where you play an ice-cream man and have to drive your van around the town and sell ice-cream to people who don’t already have ice-creams.

An abstract FPS where a ping-pong paddle is your main weapon, and you can reflect anything, but anything that goes past you or hits you decreases your health. (Ping-pong paddle is see-through). Scratch that, make it with just a shield. And to collect money to upgrade the shield, you create levels with the built-in editor, write reviews for levels and games and other reviews and upgrades, or just share games you’ve made. Oh, and the best upgrade in the game is “The Contract”, which makes anything that passes you only take half of the health it normally would and then go back to the edge of your view to come back at you, meaning you have two chances to deflect it or block it. Another weapon you have is the sword, which simply vaporizes anything it hits (besides walls :)), which is fair because it only keeps you alive and cannot give you an advantage. Make it splitscreen or online multiplayer, and I will buy it. For almost any price (within reason).

you’re stuck in a musical that’s about being stuck in a musical-your job is to convince the audience you’re stuck in a musical


A game where you play a rag-and-bone man collecting scrap, but metal turns to gold when you touch it and people try to steal it before you can sell it.

Work your way through a cube-farm to politely tell your boss you’re dissatisfied with your job. But don’t get fired, stay civil!

A game where you play a perfume maker and you can control people’s behaviour with scent clouds (ie, when they walk into them)

game where you set up a website and solicit game ideas for no apparent reason via the enticement of countdown timers and lots of question marks

A game where you can control mirrors to reflect the sun’s heat to melt zombie snowmen

A game where you have to slide fat people to their destinations using gravy as a lubricant.

Dream simulator: you pick random subjects that you’ve thought about today, then game shows you what dreams you will have tonight!

Game about checking email with constant clicks. You lose if you open a spam message in excitement!

I pushed a button and now I’m here. On this site. Which is kinda how video games work in general. You push buttons and end up somewhere else. But not even you know where that may be. The screen says that you’re in Zenovia City but in reality you’re in a dark basement, mooching off your mom’s utility bills. Your girlfriend left you and is now off being nailed by some guy you’ve never met. You didn’t push a button to make this happen, but by pushing buttons you’ve caused it nonetheless.

You play a falling snowflake. Grab on to your friends to become bigger. Land in a nice place. As credits roll, you melt.

A game where you have to catch fish with a harpoon. You can teleport to different places.

Here’s an idea for a RPG called “The Golden Man Denis”. http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.phpf_3_t_46857_start_15#p341180

A multiplayer game where you are everyone at the same time. The objective is to kill your friends’ game avatar.

You’re a great game designer, but everyone’s always spamming you with their crummy, annoying ideas. Do whatever it takes to silence them.

A game where you play an entrepreneurial barnacle who travels the world by clinging to ships, doing business with international clients.

A game where you play a fire and have to spread to new fuel sources before you go out. Meanwhile, the evil firemen are trying to extinguish you.

The ghost of a dead wizard feels pity on the inhabitants of his dungeon/maze that are left to fend for themselves after his demise. He chooses to help them escape (which is the player’s task). Unfortunately the only motivation a ghost can provide is that of scaring them – causing them to flee away. Hopefully the player doesn’t scare them into one of the multitude of traps strewn about the playing field. Oh yea, and ghosts aren’t impeded by walls, though his helpless charges are…

An RPG. You are the final boss and must save the princess from an evil knight who everyone thinks is a hero.

An MMO where people have to first locate each other, and then build small towns/cities/metropolitian areas. They then have epic battles with other towns. towns can join other towns to form alliances to increase power/influence. must have some sort of humorous pretense to be profitable.

a game were you have to be electricity, electrons or whatever, and you have to TRAVEL THRU CIRCUITS CORRECTLY to not overload it, or something like that

My idea splits the screen into two halves. Each parallel sacred mountain dig a line screen of other players. To his execution row players, other players kill DirtBike drilling to try is probably trapped. Both shows a maximum speed. Difficult than fastest route to first secure, stage and other players let. If the time limit is reached, start the race. Online multiplayer will get rid of a player you must live in the various tools needed it. Maybe get a type of tool from their race to earn points? To the race maybe control had many bikes teams to more than one person, each player one. This idea is very fresh… Original. I hope you like it! 😀

A game where you fling objects at high velocities to start chain reactions that fulfill random goals. Like killing your neighbors dog, or giving your significant other flowers… FROM ACROSS THE PLANET. Each level has multiple ways to beat it, and many humorous ways to fail them, such as leveling towns or destroying the moon. -SethwBauer@gmail.com

You’re trying to power a massive machine that will detect alien life, but you need like a million meters of power cords, so you go around collecting extension cords to get power from your city to the machine, which sits on top of a mountain.

A fighting rpg where your battle music changes with your stats, one instrument per stat, and a tempo that rises with your level

A game where you’re platform running, and trying to avoid obstacles to get the best time, but the only obstacles are happy green blobs that love you and give you hugs to slow you down. Every time you hit one, an arbitrary “Happiness” stat raises and the character smiles and hearts come out of it. The only way you can get the best score is by having a minimal Happiness stat by avoiding the blobs. EXCEPT there is a secret actual ending where you actually win the game, by collecting so many hugs that you go into a joy-fueled zeal trance where everything is rainbows and you win forever

You’re an alien in outer space. Your planet was visited recently by human explorers. They accidentally broke a serious rule of your society. They did something as taboo as murder, and didn’t realise it. They are now being held in a prison you work at, and are being tortured, malnourished, and experimented upon. Some of them are resigned, some of them are angry, some of them are apologetic. Some of them are dead. As you patrol their block, you get plenty of chances to talk to them. You learn secrets and gain trust, and realise something bigger is happening to all of you… Something to do with the experiments….

make it sandbox and let us build all kinda of cool stuff… BUT LET US CATCH RAISE AND BREED MONSTERS!!!! there are so few of these games out and it saddenze me because they are my fave type of thing to do in a game T-T

You and several other teammates are a giant robot and have to destroy the enemy without dying! But one is the head, two are the arms, two are the legs, and maybe some others, like a torso in control of rocket packs! Each player has their own weapons array, and if the timing is right, can use combos to take down the enemy!

You run the world’s largest aquarium, and you have to level up your fishermen and your fish.

A game where you’re random space particles, and you have to use your minimal gravity to collect bits and eventually become a newborn planet

You’re a dragon trainer, and you can breed different elemental dragons and fight them in the sky

an all in one payment fps, better-than-spore-custom-building, space exploration, roleplay mmo. *different planets, realistic distances etc. *main servers render low detail galaxy and popular areas and players in areas render things up close and server then keeps everything in sync. *a dynamic universe (not set quests). *if players become too powerful/ dictator-y, you could have an uprising and destroy them. *you can construct whatever, though build something rude, people won’t ban it, they’ll just ridicule you. and it’ll probably be a target for people to destroy. *real world economy, though you can get jobs as soldiers or crew or anything, actually. *there will be people guiding the movements of ai. eg a group of pirates stealing from a rich warlord player. *you can label people, enough labels and it’ll show up people non-roleplaying will be shunned. and labeled as demented or something. locked up in asylum in more strict society.

Somebody spilled trump cards all over the place, and you run around collecting them. A full deck gives you an extra life. The cards power a machine that protects the kingdom.

You’re a miniature Christmas angel, and you have to get to the top of your tree, using baubles, toys, and trim to aid your ascension.

You are a tree, you must photosynthesis enough energy from the sun to stay alive and beat the level.

A classic RPG/Turnbased strategy game. Think Tactics Ogre Knigth of Lodis and/or Final Fantasy Tactics..

A game where you play the weapon as you’re used by someone. Over and over, and then eventually replaced with the better weapon. An introspective game%u2014are you as easily tossed aside? Who’s the Ultima in your life?

A game about two rival food establishments, where you take turns taking over each diner, sneaking into the other, and sabotaging it.

“Agitated Amnesiacs”: A game where the characters continually forget things and you have to find clever ways to keep memories for them.

A game where you constantly get offers by an evil game development company and must find creative ways to turn them down. Genre: Adventure, Strategy or Shooter.

There’s not many games using beers as Power-ups, vegetables as Downgrades, and this is a hole in the videogame’s world ! I think someone must patch this !

I would love a flying game that was about seeing the sights of a beautiful world. There’s a little bit of magic in that dream of flight that many of us share on restful nights.

aka Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, ofc change the background and story etc make it good Beat Steam before they make it, then they will pay you lol

someone thinks of an idea, and starts to tell it. then realises its bonkers and has to stop the telling.

You playwith a little robot, who has been send to get rid of all the bad people on the internet. It’s a 2d-platformer. Also, troughout the game you earn new ablilities for your robot, to keep the game interesting. Also, the levels are based of of famous web-pages like youtube and google.

Landscape: an observassions video game Sitting in front of beautiful landscape, on which no interaction is possible, observe erosion and global warming with nothing to do there. In real time, the game offers you the possibility to do the scoring: 1 second = 1 point. Good boredom and attention to bedsores. Landscape (April fool) on Indie_Game.fr: http://indie-game.fr/landscape

2d sidescrolling mash-up beat-em-up with a plethora of different, customizable weapons

I love to see a good version of Frogger. I mean something with similar gameplay (not real frogger 🙂 ) Cheers! Betonart

Supernova: Michael Iantorno www.theworldissquare.com Hundreds of years in the future, when amazing technological advances has allowed humans to spread throughout the galaxy, there is an extreme sport known as Supernova. Thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies from across the cosmos gather to participate in the ultimate thrill ride: a blazing fast race away from the centre of a stellar explosion. Piloting highly advanced spacecraft, these reckless souls ride the fringes of a shock wave emanating from the supernova. They must navigate asteroid fields, avoid planetary rubble and fight off the other racers in order to stay one step ahead of the impending destruction. Falling too far behind is a death sentence, as ships are quickly overwhelmed by the heat and radiation of the detonating supernova. Unlike most traditional races, Supernova does not have a designated track, finish line or even a finite distance to travel. Participates continue to race until all but one has succumbed to the destruction of the shock wave. The winner is hailed as a hero, while the losers are incinerated into space dust. To add another danger into an already deadly sport, weapons are randomly distributed throughout the race area. Competitors can add these upgrades to their ships on the fly, allowing them to slow down other racers with a variety of missiles, bombs and power-ups. These boons are especially coveted in the later stages of the race, where two ships may be neck-and-neck with a shock wave scarcely a moment behind them.

A first person pipemania in which you put the pieces moving inside the pipe. RazielFuligin

A game in which you lockpick locks and which has an accurate physics model for bolts and springs. RazielFuligin

A platforming game in which you have a gun which fires platforms. You can fire static platforms, moving (vertical and horizontal) platforms,… RazielFuligin

A game where the camera is a physical object your character has to pick up and move for you to see and navigate the world.

A swordfighting game where the camera is attached to the sword, like in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watchv_faezz43wrtq

A platformer that generates levels procedurally using the player’s input from the previous level as a seed; if the player jumped a lot, there are more aerial hazards; if the player ran a lot and didn’t jump much there are more ground hazards and pits.

A very short game with a ridiculous amount of endings. The game keeps track of them all, and between playthroughs, you can see which endings you’ve unlocked, how many endings there are left to find, and possibly hints on how to get not-yet-gotten endings (probably in the form of those endings’ titles).

Honored indie game developers, I want YOU to make a Breakout-style game where the goal is to eliminate the abstract geometric shapes in Kazimir Malevich’s geometric suprematist abstract paintings, bit by bit, all in order to end up with perfectly white monochromes. I’m thinking primarily of paintings like the Black Square (1915) or Black Circle (1913), but perhaps other works, such as Painterly Realism of a Football Player (1915)or Suprematism, 18th Construction (1915) Supremus No. 50 (1915) could also make interesting levels. White on White (1918) should mayhaps constitute the final boss fight. A small ball et.al should be bounced off a bar, moving along the (bottom) edge of the screen/painting, and when the ball hits the painting, it dissolves gradually into nothingness through massive disfiguration. You know, Breakout-style. Please see links below for examples of Malevich’s paintings. Kind regards, Rasmus Andreas Hungnes, Norway. http://www.rasmus.tv Links to images: Black Square: http://0.tqn.com/d/arthistory/1/0/E/_/fr02_malevich.jpg Black Circle: http://www.tanais.info/malevich/malevich25.jpg Painterly Realism of a Football Player: http://artobserved.com/artimages/2010/08/Malevich-Painterly-Realism-of-a-Football-Player-1915.jpg Supremus No. 50: http://artmight.com/albums/2011-02-07/art-upload/50GB/Old-unknown/Russian-artists/malevich-kazimir/malevich-supremus-no-50-1915.jpg White on White: http://middletonvanjonker.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/white-on-white.jpg

About the Kazimir Malevich game concept: My e-mail address is musse.pigg@gmail.com in case you ever need it. Sincerely, Rasmus Andreas Hungnes, Norway, http://www.rasmus.tv

An isometric game of dwarf fortress or minecraft. Something with building a base and defending against invaders. Inspirations up to you good folks.

A game that starts out with the main caharchter getting dumped by his girl. His main objective will be to find out what he did wrong and get his girl back 😛

A game which combines a “normal” platformer/strategy game with a level editor – It’s for many players (4 players? 3 players? 12 players?) And the goal is for the players to get to the other side before their opponents, or to collect all the flags, or to kill everyone else. It doesn’t matter. Now, when the player is killed, he respawns at least 30 seconds later – during which time he can CHANGE THE ENVIRONMENT. His “ghost” can build walls, dig trenches, or whatever can affect the playground and make it harder for enemies to win. This way, players will constantly switch their game play strategy. Of course, this game can also be team-based.

I would like to see a game, turn-based strategy, where you play a mega-corporation in a world where mega-corporations are competing for world hegemony. You would build corporate bases (maybe building in different parts of the world could give different bonuses), undertake overt and covert operations against other corporations, co-opt various governments, and of course make lots of legal (and maybe illegal) money to fund all of the above. While the game is large in scope, I would hope it is counter-balanced by the fact that the interface (at least as I am imagining it) could be quite minimal. Thanks for your consideration and good luck to you! E.Z. Stoltzfus ezstoltzfus@gmail.com

(ok just had an idea pop in so i’ll make it up as i go) Cliff Diver. You start at the top of a tall cliff and dive down into the water. The deeper you plunge the better your score. Try to touch the bottom of the ocean/lake, but if you run out of oxygen before you resurface then your remains end up at the bottom of the ocean/lake. While diving there are obstacles like birds and a wind variable. also watch out for rocks on the shore. levels can be randomly generated. Controls – choose a dive style and just click to jump. dive styles provide different speeds and air control. For more complexity allow for ragdoll diving and use a key on the keyboard for each limb and use the mouse to lean left and right. Ragdoll might also make the splashes and deaths more appealing and unique. -Jeff Hanlon axphin@yahoo.com

You play as a cookie. How long can you last in the cookie jar before somebody grabs you and eats you? Also there are tough moral decisions to be made: do you shove one of your fellow cookies into harm’s way to save yourself, or make the noble sacrifice?

Roguelike set in an office building. It’s your first day at work and you have to climb to the top to become the CEO. You have to overcome the work related terrors of each floor to get promoted to the next floor. Instead of monsters you face bitchy co-workers, evil managers and so on. Frank Meijer frank.meijer@hotmail.com

First person psychological horror game based in the Aokigahara Forest (Suicide Forest) in Japan. Taking the best parts of Dear Esther (Graphics, atmosphere and level design) and Amnesia (Story and sound design) to make a very scary horror game.

It might be cool to have a game where you control objects to block sunlight to create a path of darkness – so that a vampire can get to their intended victim.

Religion vs. Reason: The Video Game Here’s a link to the original article that putlines how to play: http://bah-humblog.tumblr.com/post/2620379652/rva

Creating a species of animal that has to battle its way through many tough challenges and genetic mutations until it comes up against the final boss – the human being.

Multiplayer turn based racing game where you can only move how another player tells you

Multiplayer turn based racing game where you can only move when another player gives you permission. Diplomacy commences.

The year is 2078, All wood on earth has been consumed by greedy humans. The humans send up Experimental Robotic Dwarves in SPACE to fight Evil Elf-Rats on Plutonia for valuable space wood. Basebuilding/Fps. Collect wood to upgrade base, Upgrading all the way makes you win the game.


A match-three game played with files from the computer. Match three files with same extensions to delete them (and gain points).

A game about living in Soviet Russia where cars try to drive you, books try to read you and nails try to hammer you. If you beat it then a nintendo game blows you.

A game where you are so tired you can’t keep your eyes open and every time you close them for a few seconds the game changes setting and rules.

You play as Peter Griffin sitting on a sidewalk holding your knee. The controls are as follows: Button 1 makes you lean back and inhale, button 2 makes you lean forward and say “Aaaah!”. Imagine the vicious leaderboard fights.

A game where you walk around on busy inner city streets and insert “That’s what she said” into people’s conversations at appropriate times.

A game like minecraft but with better graphics and everyone has a desert eagle. Even the cows.


a dutch porno that goes horribly wrong and zombies invade the scene and then the porn stars have to defend themselves with dildos%uFEFF and camera equipment. *%u027Eaz[raa] + %u039Bura

a dutch porno that goes horribly wrong and zombies invade the scene and then the porn stars have to defend themselves with dildos%uFEFF and camera equipment.. *%u027Eaz[raa] + %u039Bura

a dutch porno that goes horribly wrong and zombies invade the scene and then the porn stars have to defend themselves with dildos%uFEFF and camera equipment *%u027Eaz[raa] + %u039Bura

The world is made of chocolate! You must eat, melt and stick to objects to proceed. This is my idea and I wasn’t inspired by any april fool’s fake news at all and am appalled that you would suggest such a thing

Have you guys ever heard of either King of Dragon Pass or the various “choice of” games? Sorry, of course you will have done. I was just wondering if there was any idea (in the future perhaps) for a game based in a far eastern kind of KoDP? Thanks for your time, and sorry to bother you. Yours Sincerely Robert Weedall.

The player is a man that has the ability to turn into any animal he touches. However, each time he reverts back to human form, he retains a defining attribute of that animal. The attribute may be visually represented, but the important thing is the invisibleness of it. If he reverts to human after being a fish, he might retain the ability to breathe under water. If he reverts to human after being a lion, he might gain the ability to pounce short distances with great force. The plot is up to you. Here is an idea: The player’s father is a geneticist who performed an illegal experiment on him when he was an embryo.The dad never let him touch animals because he claimed the man was allergic, and the man believed him, and finally the man’s father is really sick and doctors say he will die, so he begins telling his son about his experiments. Eventually the man learns that his father is dying from one of his own experiments. In order to save his dad, he needs to use his abilities to perform his own genetic experiment/give his blood to his dad/whatever. Thus in the end the son becomes like the father, and the father becomes like the son. A large part of the game is running around chasing animals. Many are hard to catch, like birds and mice. Some, like dogs, run right up to the protagonist. Each time the man touches an animal he can decide to turn into it. If he does then he becomes the animal and can sneak into whatever cool place is inaccessible to humans. However when he reverts back to human, he will remain a little bit like the animal. Thus if he changes into a spider many times, he will eventually start being a spider. This can be reversed if he touches a human and changes back into human form. But the protagonist will quickly realize that people get freaked out if he does a full transformation while touching them. Strangers think he attacks them, and soon the animal will be sedated on-sight by police/pest control. And the player will have to run away. Have fun with this idea! Submitted by Thaddeus Seher.

A multi-player game featuring a team of 6 indie developers fighting off the constant threat of money troubles, rent and starvation. With Lasers.

(From +Lou McQ) Alright, stay with me on this one. In essence, it’ll be two games meshed into one- a platformer & the classic snake game on a split screen. One would be controlled via WASD, the other with the arrow keys (or even IJKL). The snake side would be like your regular snake game:[detail rambling] there’s a snake on a field, the field has a single food piece somewhere on it, the snake moves so that it keeps the same placement, amount of mass is constant, that is until it eats a food piece, then it gets one unit bigger, snake hits the edge of the field means game over, running into himself means game over… [/detail rambling]. Thing is though, he needs to make sure he gets to the food piece quickly (see below). In the platformer side, a man would be in a map/world/whatev the precise shape of what the current form of the snake on the other side (or you could say he’s in the snake!). Because the snake never stops moving, the map never stops changing (but only by a little bit). The catch is that the man’s speed is not fast enough to keep up with the speed of the snake. If he’s not fast enough, he’ll disappear(/whatev) off the tail end of the snake (This would be why it’s vital for the snake to eat fast; to keep the man going). Game over happens whenever the snake hits the edge or himself, or the runner hits the edge of the snake. A reference image just in case (forgot to draw the guy though) http://www.dropmocks.com/mBiENW . Umm… yeah, I think that covers it. It’s rather simple, but I feel like I just made it sound complex…

Minecraft is so mainstream ! I like building but destroying is so much funnier ! Let’s do it : MineDestruction

Basically a deconstruction of the ‘walking around in one body’ trope in console RPGs. You’re a thief who can leap into people’s bodies without them knowing, by touching their exposed skin. You must covertly follow targets who are heavily clothed, and touch a patch of skin when it is unwittingly exposed. You can then steal their organs and replace them with inferior organs that you’ve got in your own body (which is why your missions have a time limit). This is also time-limited – if you take too long, the host’s body assimilates yours and you die.

A puzzle game. You’re posing as a doctor in an alien world for some reason. A bunch of aliens come in with incomprehensible complaints. Fortunately, it turns out that the solution is to punch and prod them in various lumps, growths and body parts until their glowing multi-coloured veins start flowing again. At certain occasions you have to consult your “medical text”, which is actually a phrasebook containing “Don’t worry, I’m a doctor” rendered in various languages (and you have to choose the tongue that matches the current patient).

The Blue Danube: The Game. Just make a game that’s exactly as long as the Blue Danube, and has it playing in the background. Bonus points if the scenario has nothing to do with either water or outer space.

You control desert winds and the goal is to maximise desertification in a region by controlling the wind flow to guide the sands to eventually blanket a small town. Avoid hills to get maximum desertification effects and your score is directly related to how much ground you desertify. Bonus points awarded based on how quickly you blanket the town in choking sands. Basically like ‘Flower’ except drier, somewhat morbid and a whole lot less colourful.

A rogue-like game where one player creates a dungeon ,filled with traps, monsters, and other nasty things, to stop players from stealing their gold and valuables stolen from other players that have built dungeons that are filled with filled with traps, monsters, and other nasty things. Use the gold/items gathers from these dungeons to expand your dungeon and gain experience and special ability’s as you level up from destroying traps, monsters, and other nasty things that other players have created. I call it RogueTMO. -The PogoWolf

All you listen is crap everyday. You think that’s just “Shit my dad says”. You have to use the Shits you dad Says in order to grow powerful and avoid more shit that he could say. But how could you grow powerful hearing shits your dad says if getting powerful would avoid hearing shits your dad says? So in the game you have to deal with this contradiction and try to get your power.

A top-down game where you play as a ninja. Left-click to get shuriken from left pocket. throw said shuriken using mouse wheel. Hold+Right-click pull-out katana. Swing cursor to swing katana. -OnionBlitz

A side-scroller where you suck good ideas (glowing light bulbs on top of people’s heads) using a vacuum cleaner while avoiding not-so-good ideas (light bulbs that doesn’t glow). You then sell it to somebody. After that, you can use the money to purchase upgrades and whatnot. -OnionBlitz

A game that is like a music video. Phychedelic events transpire as the player is taken for a ride. Not a generated world, just an awesome preset 3-5 minute experience. Trucker’s Delight is not at all what I had in mind but that video is so much better than my game idea that I will link it anyway 😉 http://youtu.be/egcXvqiho4w (caution: lewd content)

In the process of typing out my other idea, a different one came to mind. Snakeception! +Lou McQ

Corporate War Games. Play a CEO managing the expectations of your stock holders, fighting to maintain patents and, most importantly, sabotaging your rivals. Could be a very near-future X-Com-like, with hundreds of references to our modern troubles.